Financial Literacy for kids

By establishing a path for children to follow, one that enables them to pass on the torch to the next generation, we empower them to make a more significant impact than we ever could.

Meet the team

Barr. Sophie N. 
Legal Advisor
Fai Derick
Art Director
Cho Rimsky
Project Cordinator

Praises & Reviews

One , I love the characters display,
The language simplicity is perfect
And I can’t wait to see the whole book done

Bitcoin Dada

Y’en a très peu en effet. Moi je n’en ai vu qu’un seul depuis. Donc tu auras un beau marché c’est sûr a commencer par les bitcoiners et pour les nocoiners, ça fait un beau cadeau à leur faire.

l’ Afrique Parle Bitcoin 

Great book, I think its going to be play a great role in Orange pilling the next generation and the story format is well adapted for the ages of ages of 7 to 15 and for adults wanting to get into the bitcoin for the first time

Paco de la India (@runwithbitcoin)