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Out of a sheer desire to help build a financially stable future for my 3 year old son, I decided to readjust my life’s mission towards educating Kids, young adults and adults about Bitcoin.


We exist to help “Orange Pill” kids of the Global South

Financial Literacy for kids

By establishing a path for children to follow, one that enables them to pass on the torch to the next generation, we empower them to make a more significant impact than we ever could.

Our Vision

The objective is to establish a robust knowledge foundation for future Bitcoin enthusiasts, with the ultimate goal of paving the way for hyper-bitcoinization

Our Mission

Within the next decade, the goal is to provide 20 million children in Africa, Latin America, and Asia with the necessary medication, represented by the orange pill

Praises & Reviews

Bitcoin Dada

One , I love the characters display,
The language simplicity is perfect
And I can’t wait to see the whole book done

Paco de la India (@runwithbitcoin)

Great book, I think its going to be playing a great role in Orange pilling the next generation and the story format is well adapted for the ages of ages of 7 to 15 and for adults wanting to get into the bitcoin for the first time

l’ Afrique Parle Bitcoin

Y’en a très peu en effet. Moi je n’en ai vu qu’un seul depuis. Donc tu auras un beau marché c’est sûr a commencer par les bitcoiners et pour les nocoiners, ça fait un beau cadeau à leur faire.

Our partners

With them we realized actions has strong added values throughout this collaboration, if you also wish to become a major actor in our adventure like them join us now and build the economic world of tomorrow

And if everything changed for you today ?

Get our book the bitcoin kids financial education, for your kids and master the money of the future that is already making billionaires today and allow your kids to be ready for the future in economics .

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