So who are we?

Young African immersed in digital for more than 10 years we want to share the knowledge on bitcoin to break all the myths around

Meet The Author


Author of the book

Nzonda Fotsing

Nzonda, who was born in Cameroon, has been working as a digital entrepreneur for over a decade. His primary goal has been to bridge the digital divide in Africa. When he first had an encounter with bitcoin in 2017, he was immediately enamored with the technology and its far-reaching, positive impact that spans across various industries.

In the Bitcoin community, Nzonda is known as @BitcoinSophist. He is a digital avant-gardiste and a bitcoiner who strongly believes that Bitcoin will transform our monetary system and the world for the better. As he often says, “Bitcoin is decolonized money.” Additionally, he is an advocate of Austrian economics and a staunch believer in Praxeology .


Project Coordinator

Fai Derick

Fai Derick, is a serial entrepreneur, Business Developer and Brand Strategists with expertise in visual arts, branding and Design thinking. He’s passion for rebranding  Africa and changing the status Quo has modeled him into a futuristic and disruptive thinker capable of capable of providing seasonal and sustainable solutions to problems.

As a Bitcoiner he goes by the the name @bitcoinBiliver and he plays a  pivotal role in the Cameroon and global Bitcoin community as a poised  educator of the Bitcoin standards and best practices. He has co-founded and coordinated multiple projects aimed at facilitating adoption of Bitcoin in Cameroon and other Central African countries. He is a astute advocate for Relentless Reinvention with the firm believe that we’re continually improving the ways we move from one thing to the other while maintain our relevance over time.

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